About us

About us

Our company has two main directions:

  • Full range of bookkeeping and administration services for legal entities
  • Measurement performance of the working environment, as well as measurements of air velocity as a commissioning of ventilation systems

Full range of bookkeeping, accounting and administration of legal entities

We offer a complete solution of administrating and consulting companies. Our services will create favorable conditions for development of your business. The goal of our company to help our customers to save their time and energy at the expense of administration services quality.
Realization of the company goals is the duty and the task of AT Z Teenused OÜ founder and CEO Andrei Zagamula.

Zagamula Andrei holds a Bachelor of Tallinn University of Technology, Business Administration and a Master’s degree at Tallinn University of Technology accounting and company finances. CFO, board and council member experience of a large international company for over 10 years has helped gain practical business administration skills of any size in the Baltic markets, Scandinavia and Russia. In addition to experience working in large companies Zagamula Andrei has over 10 years experience in the implementation of measurements of factors working environment and drawing up risk analyzes for enterprises.
Knowledge of Russian, Estonian and English languages on a professional level allow to work effectively on different markets.

Measurements performance of the working environment factors, as well as measurements of air velocity as the commissioning of ventilation systems

AT Z Teenused Company was established as a continuation of Andrei Zagamula individual entrepreneur. FIE Andrei Zagamula started its activity in 2005, when he received the accreditation certificate nr 181 of the Estonian Accreditation Centre.

Areas included in the accreditation are as follows:
– Measurements of air velocity
– Measurements of noise levels
– Measuring the level of illumination
– Climate measurements
Over the past 11 years it was examined hundreds of objects of varying complexity and with different tasks. This experience allows us to offer services of a high quality.

Our customers are construction companies, to whom we carry out measurements on the illumination level of performed object, air velocity after adjusting ventilation, noise levels, as well as industrial and other enterprises, which we carry out a full range of measuring work environment factors.

Now it is a new phase in the development of this activity. It is planned to expand the company’s activities in both directions: geographically and in the range of services. The new services are the measurements of dust levels, CO2 gas -radon and other physical measurements demanded by the market. The new geographical aim is widening on Scandinavian markets.


Administration of our company clients from A to Z. Our services are helpful in all stages of the company development. Together with us you can be sure, that all administrative issues will be solved, so you can use more effectively your time to the business development.


Each client is an unique and has the right for personal approach. Any issue related to company administration client can delegate to AT Z Teenused and it should be solved. We support the grow of your business.